Martin Garrix

Since 2017 Dutch superstar DJ/Producer Martin Garrix is friend of SOS Children's Villages.

Martin Garrix in SOS kinderdorp, Zuid-Afrika 

 “I know how important family is”, he says. As friend Martin Garrix will raise awareness for SOS Children’s Villages programmes around the world. Martin Garrix kicked off his involvement with a visit to an SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town, South Africa. To also introduce himself to the SOS children, Martin Garrix played a short DJ set. An unforgettable experience for all SOS families.

“My sister and I grew up with caring parents. We are still very close. I truly believe that they are a big part of my success. Especially since I was only still a kid when my career took off. They were always there. Their unconditional support helped me more than I can say. It is awful that so many children around the world don’t have the support of a caring family. As a friend of SOS, I want to help children and get more people involved”. - Martin Garrix

Photo's: Louis van Baar

Thank you, Martin Garrix!

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